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Coronavirus: Tom Hanks 'has no respect' for people not wearing masks

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Tom Hanks, who recovered from Covid-19 earlier this year, has said he "has no respect" for people who decline to wear a mask in public during the pandemic.

The actor and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus while filming in Australia in March.

Many governments now recommend face coverings, but they are not mandatory in most places.

Hanks said: "I don't get it, I simply do not get it, it is literally the least you can do."

The actor was speaking to the Associated Press about face coverings while promoting his latest film.

"If anybody wants to build up an argument about doing the least they can do, I wouldn't trust them with a driver's licence," he said.

"I mean, when you drive a car, you've got to obey speed limits, you've got to use your turn signals [indicators], you've got to avoid hitting pedestrians. If you can't do those three things, you shouldn't be driving a car.

"If you can't wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance, I've got no respect for you, man. I don't buy your argument."

The refusal of some members of the public to wear masks is a particular issue in the US, which leads the world in coronavirus deaths and infections.

US President Donald Trump had previously voiced his opposition to them, but he changed his tone last week, telling Fox News he is "all for masks".

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