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Health: Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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According to the numerous researches made on breast cancer, it is believed that breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease or a disorder in some. The effects and symptoms of breast cancer vary from person to person depending upon the age, race, activities and many other factors of a person. The effects of breast cancer on a person have an inverse relation with his/her age. The younger a person is the stronger the effects are.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

Although, the effects of breast and the risk factors surrounding it are numerous and at times not reckonable, but its symptoms are. A person, specially a woman, should have thorough knowledge about the symptoms of breast cancer.

Frequent symptoms of breast cancer are:

*** A change in the feel:
The most common symptom of breast cancer is the change in the feel of your breast; it will sensitive to the touch.

*** A change in the appearance:
A thickening or lump will appear near the breast or in the armpits. Also you will notice a change in the appearance. The nipples will turn slightly inward. The skin of the nipples, breast or areola could turn rough, red in color or swollen and may also get crumpled like an orange skin. 

*** Nipple Discharge:
A woman’s nipples start discharging a fluid. However this is not milking but it’s a different fluid.

Initially breast cancer does not cause pain or trouble. However, it is recommended that a woman should contact her doctor if she finds any of the above given symptoms. At times these symptoms are not a sign for cancer and could cause other problems therefore they should be treated as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.


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