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Madonna closes Celebration Tour playing to 1.6 million fans in Brazil

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Madonna performed the final show of her Celebration Tour to 1.6 million fans at Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach on Saturday night -- a record for a stand-alone show, according to tour organizer Live Nation.
The tour, which celebrated four decades of Madonna's hits, came to a close in Brazil on Saturday night with the free concert.

"Copacabana Beach was turned into the world's largest dance floor as Madonna performed some of her biggest hits from her peerless music catalog," Live Nation said in a press release. "The Celebration Tour does not only honor Madonna's four decades of iconic music but is an homage to her unprecedented life, unique artistry and groundbreaking career."

Aerial shots of Copacabana Beach showed massive swaths of fans covering the shoreline, engulfed in several sets of concert lights.


"The show will be free of charge as a thank you to her fans for celebrating more than four decades of her music over the course of the epic global run of the tour," a portion of Madonna's announcement of the show in March read on her website.

The Rolling Stones had held the previous stand-alone record since 2006, for a concert at the same venue, according to Live Nation.

Madonna kicked off her Celebration Tour in London in October, dedicating the show to her daughter Lourdes Leon, who celebrated her 27th birthday on opening night.

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