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How to Practice Positive Thinking

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A few simple attitude ____1____ (调整) can make you happier and healthier. Here’s how to harness(利用) the power of positivity.

You will need: optimism, visualisation, happy friends, and gratitude journal.

Step 1: Be an optimist
Expect things to work out. ____2____ (乐观主义者) have reason to be cheery: studies have shown optimists are more successful and healthier than _____3___ (悲观主义者).

Step 2: Look at the bright side
Instead of focusing on the ____4____ (消极的), try to find something positive in every negative situation. This will train your brain and help positive thinking come more naturally to you.

Step 3: Visualize success
Picture yourself succeeding at ____5____ (具挑战性的) events. Visualizing yourself as strong and ____6____ (胜利的) primes(使准备好) you to make it happen — which is why athletes have been using this trick for years.

Tip: The more vivid the imagery, the likelier it will work. So ____7____ (使忙于) all your senses in the fantasy — smell, taste, feel, sounds.

Step 4: Catch happiness
Surround yourself with happy people. It’s easier to stay positive when you’re with other cheerful ____8____ (大伙儿) — some research indicates happiness is contagious(具有转染性的).

Step 5: Count your blessings
Write down five things that you’re grateful for every single day. ____9____ (移植) patients who did this reported more energy and a deeper sense of well-being.

Did you know? Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, lived to be 95.





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