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How To Make a Clockwork Orange

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How to make a clockwork orange? You’re not a social deviant(异类), you just have a taste for the unusual. And fruit. You will need: an orange, a knife, a battery-operated clock machanism(机构), a set of clock hands, and a marker(记号笔).

Step 1: Loosen the peel

Roll the orange around on a flat surface to loosen the peel.

Step 2: Remove the guts

Cut a large “X” in the back of the orange and carefully remove its guts(内脏,内容物).

Tip: If you’re squeamish(容易呕吐的,有洁癖的), or allergic(过敏的) to citrus(柑橘属), wear gloves for this part.

Step 3: Cut a hole

Cut a small circular hole in the other side of the orange.

Step 4: Insert clock mechanism

Shove(猛推) the clock mechanism inside the orange, poking its “drive shaft”(传动轴) through the hole.

Step 5: Attach clock hands & write numbers

Attach the clock hands… Write hours on the orange… And enjoy your fruity new timepiece.

Did you know? A Clockwork Orange(影片《发条橙》) caused so much controversy in Britain that director Stanley Kubrick received death threats to his family, causing him to pull it out of circulation there.

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