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[photo] Most Dangerous Cities 2008

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Lock Your Doors ...

The results of CQ Press's 15th annual crime city rankings are in. The report ranks over 300 American cities in six different areas -- murder, rape, burglary (入室行窃), robbery, aggravated assault* and motor vehicle theft. The end result of these rankings were used to compile our list of most dangerous cities in the U.S.

A year ago Detroit held the crown (王冠). Click through our gallery as we count down the 15 most dangerous cities in 2008 and see which place has dethroned (颠覆) Motor City as the most dangerous.


aggravated assault : any of various assaults that are more serious than a common assault, especially one performed with an intent to commit a crime  加重恐吓行为:比一般威胁更为严重的威胁,尤其是有犯罪意图的威胁

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