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Woman on TV

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'Sex and the City'(欲望都市)

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, right), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall, second from right), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis, second from left) and Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) portrayed sexually liberated, hardworking and independent women who struggled to find love and personal and professional fulfillment. The show was among the first to show the family-like relationship between women friends.

'Grey's Anatomy'(实习医生格蕾)

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is a surgeon who struggles with her past and assorted other inner demons while trying to make her relationship with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) work. When she implored Derek to “pick me, choose me, love me,” some argued the women’s movement was put in reverse.

'Growing Pains'(成长的烦恼)

Maggie Malone (Joanna Kerns) was a working mom who ceded primary child-rearing duty to her husband Jason Seaver (Alan Thicke). The show had particular relevance in the last '80s and early '90s as many mothers entered the work force and stay-at-home dads became more common.

'Murphy Brown'(墨菲·布朗或风云女郎案)

Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) played a tough network news journalist who constantly came up against the glass ceiling. The character famously got into an all-too-real cultural fight with then-Vice President Dan Quayle when she elected to become a single mother.

'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'(玛丽·泰勒·摩尔秀)

Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore) was unlike any female on television. She was single, never-married, career oriented, and not looking for a man to support her.

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