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Halloween 2009

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The White House is lit(light的过去分词,被点亮) with orange light as a band of "skeletons(骷髅)" performs at the North Portico(门廊) of the White House.

Workers install(安装) Halloween decorations(装饰物) at the North Portico of the White House.

Fans of the Bruins hockey team(曲棍球队) dressed up for the Halloween game against the Edmonton Oilers at the TD Garden in Boston.

People dressed as zombies(僵尸) celebrate Halloween in Paris.

Clad(穿衣的) in Michael Jackson costumes, people walk through a mall during the 13th Halloween Parade in Kawasaki(日本川崎), suburban Tokyo. Nearly 100,000 weekend shoppers attended the annual(一年一度的) parade(游行), in which 3,000 people took part.

Women dressed as new dolls in their display boxes stroll(漫步) in the Fantasy Fest Masquerade March in Key West, Fla., on Friday. The annual 10-day masking and costuming festival concludes(结束) Sunday but was to be highlighted by a Halloween night grand parade down Duval Street, the island's main thoroughfare.

Team members of Spin Cycle Racing out of Salt Lake City enjoy their fourth annual Halloween "Sumo(相扑) Ride" on Saturday. The event, organized by Ken Webster, amused motorists with a group of 13 riders, up from three in its inaugural year.

A skeleton band performs at the North Portico of the White House.

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