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The Statue of Liberty then and now

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Men behind the monument

Taken circa 1880, these pictures show the two great minds behind the Statue of Liberty: sculptor Auguste Bartholdi (right), and French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. The latter, the man behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was responsible for the statue's internal structure, around which was wrapped the sculpted copper cladding.


Fleet of fans

From 1984 to 1986, the statue remained closed to public for restorations in preparation for its centennial, a project that cost $62 million. In this picture taken a day before the grand reopening, small sailing ships and pleasure boats gather to to observe the celebrations.


Looking bubbly

The Statue of Liberty is lit up for a party thrown by French champagne maker Moet & Chandon in September 2006


Past torch

The original torch from the Statue of Liberty sits in a lobby at the entrance to the monument on Liberty Island. It was replaced with a gilded version in the mid-1980s.

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