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The Tokyo rugby club keeping elderly players healthy

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In Japan, which is hosting the Rugby World Cup this month, 150 clubs stage competitive matches for players above the age of 40 - and Tokyo's Fuwaku Rugby Club has three over-90s.


Of Japan's 120,000 rugby players, about 10,000 are over the age of 40.


Ryuichi Nagayama (below left), 86, says: "You tackle and battle each other but the gathering after the play is so enjoyable and fun.


"We talk about how each other plays and no-one gets angry about how we played. The atmosphere is great."


As a practising doctor, Mr Nagayama is very aware of the risks involved in playing a high-impact sport at his age.

The Fuwaku Rugby Club's website gives detailed advice on health precautions and includes links to a life-insurance company.


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