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Plastic wet wipes ban planned in England to tackle pollution

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Almost all wet wipes will be banned in England under plans to tackle water pollution, environment minister Therese Coffey has told BBC News.

The ban on plastic-based wipes should come into force in the next year following a consultation, Ms Coffey said.

It is part of a wider plan to improve water quality in England, where no river or waterway is considered clean.

But opposition and environment groups criticised the plan as weak.


Wet wipes flushed down toilets cause 93% of sewer blockages including so-called fatbergs and cost around £100m a year to clear up, according to Water UK which represents the water industry.

Around 90% of wipes contain plastic, although there are now some alternatives available to buy. The plastics do not break down and over time the wipes become snagged and stick together, causing sewage to stop moving through pipes.


"Our proposal is to ban plastic from wet wipes," Ms Coffey told BBC News, adding that a short consultation needed to take place first. "It's a legal requirement to make sure that we can go ahead with any ban," she said.

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