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Tai chi moves for beginnners

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Do it yourself - Carrying the moon:

  • Breathe in, turn your body towards the left from the waist
  • Your shoulders are relaxed and your elbows slightly bent
  • Now reach both arms towards the left with your head focusing on your hands
  • Breathe out, bring hands down. Turn to right and repeat

Do it yourself - Twisting waist and push palms:

  • Breathe in, draw palms to the waist facing upwards
  • Breathe out, turn your body to the left at the waist. Keep the left elbow and wrist slightly bent and draw the elbow back
  • At the same time, extend the right arm forward and push with the right palm facing forward (as if you are trying to stop traffic)
  • Breathe in, return to the middle and spread your weight evenly before turning to the right, drawing your right arm back and extending your left arm with your palm facing forward.

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