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Earthquake rocks Haiti

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People walk down a street with several fires burning in Port-au-Prince(太子港,海地首都), Sunday, Jan. 17.

Residents(居民) of the Petinville neighborhood of Port-au-Prince reach out to receive food distributed(分发) by the United Nations World Food Program.

An old man is fed a few nuts from his nephew while lying outside his quake damaged nursing home(疗养院) in Port-au-Prince.

A boy has hand surgery(外科手术) in a makeshift hospital(临时医院) in Port-au-Prince.

A woman chants(吟诵) before a Mass held in front of the destroyed Cathedral(教堂) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Sunday, Jan. 17. "What happened is the will of God," the Rev. Eric Toussaint told some 100 worshippers(教民). "We are in the hands of God now."

A boy lies injured in a makeshift hospital in Port-au-Prince on Sunday.

A man carries an injured girl outside a makeshift hospital in Port-au-Prince.

A man lies in a bed outside a nursing home in Port-au-Prince. More than 100 seniors(年长者) were living outside the damaged home, with no food or care other than(除了) an occasional bath from two orderlies(护理人员) who remained to help.

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