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Jiankou: China's remote and dangerous Great Wall

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 China's Great Wall: How technology is helping to restore it. 


The Jiankou section of the wall ribbons over top mountains for 20km (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


Built in the 1500s and early 1600s, the Jiankou section was left untouched for centuries (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


Some trees have been left to grow in the restored section of the Jiankou wall (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


Mules carry sacks of white ash to the Jiankou restoration site (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


The Jiankou project team can more closely replace bricks in their original locations (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


3D mapping and a computer algorithm offer engineers valuable information about the wall (Credit: Peking University)


Workers' days include a hike up the mountain and manual labour at the site (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


Certain parts of the restored Jiankou wall have been left wild (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)


The technology piloted at the Jiankou restoration is now being used at other Great Wall projects (Credit: Amanda Ruggeri)

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