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Snickers offers 1 million free candy bars in favor of petition to move the date of Halloween

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After an online petition proposed to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October garnered massive support, Snickers doubled down on the effort and upped the excitement by offering 1 million candy bars to Americans if the change goes into effect.

The candy bar brand tweeted, "If the Fed Govt makes it official, we’ll offer 1 million free SNICKERS to America. Join the petition!"


While some candy fans were on board, many reactions shamed the brand for "trying to steal a holiday for your sales figures."


Many replied in kind, adding that they would boycott Snickers and stop buying the candy altogether.


Others have continued to sign the petition. As of Monday morning it had more than 137,000 signatures -- so close to the 150,000 goal.

The Halloween & Costume Association, which started the movement, called for a “Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration.”

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