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Animal Crossing Halloween update: Here's what you need to know

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Autumn has arrived in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons kingdom, with loads of new features.

The new, free update will introduce loads of spooky touches ahead of Halloween this year.

From 30 September, Nintendo Switch players will be able to access features like brand new Halloween costumes and DIY projects.

Players can grow pumpkins, stock up on candy for trick or treating and buy costumes - including a mummy outfit.


On Halloween night at 5pm there's going to be a massive party in the plaza with loads of decorations everywhere.

Players will also get a visit from a character called Jack the 'Czar of Halloween'. By giving him treats and candy players will get in-game rewards.


Players will also be able to grow pumpkins, which can be harvested and used in projects.

There will also be new body paints and coloured eye contact lenses for players to buy using their Nook Miles, to help you get your character looking exactly how you want them to come Halloween.

The update will be available from 30 September.

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